Important Update

Soft Heat saunas had been manufacturing infrared saunas in Canada for 16 years.

Unfortunately, the Canadian factory has shut down .

With the closing of the manufacturing facilities in Calgary, I conducted an extensive search, looking closely at all the infrared saunas available on the market. I was now in the same position as the consumer who is being exposed to all kinds of different models and claims, both on the web and in other venues and advertisements.

In recovering from my own health problems, I knew the value of a good infrared sauna and was very concerned that I could still provide a high quality infrared sauna to the practitioners I work with.

As always, my biggest concerns were: the type of heaters used and their micron range; do they have electrical approval ?; do the heaters shut off ?; the quality and type of wood they are using; the history and track record of the company and the kind of warranty they have.

I was very disappointed with the deception that I found in the infrared sauna market.

With a bit of digging, I found that a number of them didn't have the correct electrical approval and their saunas were made of materials that were offgassing and also weren't in the micron range that they were claiming. I was also alarmed to discover that most of the infrared saunas on the market were high in electromagnetic radiation; often in the 30-70 mG range.

After much frustration, I found a company that I was very impressed with. They are using the latest CarbonFlow ™ technology, where the heaters cover all the surface area of the walls, so the heat is evenly dispersed in the sauna. The heaters give off heat mostly in the ideal 8.4 - 9.4 micron range, so one can easily sweat at a lower temperature. They also have been able to bring the electromagnetic radiation ( EMR) levels down below Swedish standards which is 2 mG at point of body contact.

I’ve been very pleased with the positive feedback I’ve had from the practitioners who are using the new saunas with their patients/clients. They like the more even coverage of the heaters, for it prevents the complaints they sometimes had of hot and cool spots in the saunas .

If you're interested in this new sauna, please give me a call and I'd be happy to send you some information on them and answer any questions you may have.

All the best,

Randy Gomm