Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

"On behalf of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, I want to commend Soft Heat for supplying sauna equipment and contributing to the enormous success of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Soft Heat's sauna equipment met the Olympic challenges and aided in the world class performances of the Olympic athletes. Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation, support and most importantly for being a key member of our sports team."

Dave Maggard
Managing Director of Sports, Atlanta, Georgia

Canada Olympic Park

"Just a short note to let you know that we are thoroughly pleased with our Soft Heat Sauna. It allows our members and athletes to 'preheat' muscle tissue before theirworkouts thus cutting down on the length of time taken to warm up before beginning their actual work out regimen. We find that a good deal of our members utilize the unit after their work outs and have had a great deal of positive feedback in this regard. Its compact size, low maintenance and minimal electrical consumption will save us substantially over the years. Again, the Soft Heat Sauna is an important addition to our facility."

Brian Armour
Technical Coordinator, Calgary, Alberta

American Health & Racquet

". . . The minimal maintenance and durability of these units are fantastic. Our members absolutely love them, and we are yet to hear a negative comment on them. I am currently building a new home and have plans to install a 4x6 unit in my home."

Tim Conner
President,,Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Gold's Gym

"We purchased two 'Four-Person' Sauna units from you in December 1993, and have used them in our locker rooms during this time. We have been very satisfied with their performance, durability and ease of use. Our members are happy and that, of course, makes us happy."

Floyd Pittman
Manager/Co-Owner Gold's Gym
Spartanburg, South Carolina
January 1995

Personal Testimonials

"The Soft Heat Sauna is great for recovery and regeneration from competition and workout." Michael Smith
Canadian Gold Medal Decathlete
Calgary, Alberta

"What a relief it is to be without arthritic pain. You wouldn't believe the difference after 25-30 minutes in the sauna. It's like a miracle for us. Everything they say it can do, it has done for us." Maureen T
Edmonton, Alberta

"For the last five years I've suffered with fibromyalgia. In just three weeks of regular Soft Heat sauna therapy, my painful symptoms are reduced and my energy levels have increased." Emily S
Edmonton, Alberta

"I would like to pass on the many compliments we received concerning the quality of craftsmanship. People were very impressed with the extra effort that has gone into these units." Ursula O
Whitehorse, Yukon

"Here it is a year later, and, if nothing else, my husband Bob and I are brimming over with enthusiasm about our sauna. The radiant heat helps to reduce tension, warm the body temperature and just gives an overall relaxing, soothing effect. Again, count us in with your satisfied customers." Mr. & Mrs. Robert J
Cleveland, Naugatuck, CT

"It's the best purchase I ever made at the fair! We both have stressful positions and work long hours and look forward to coming home to enjoy our sauna. In addition, I enjoy a cup of tea and read a book while I relax in our sauna -- what a way to escape from the world." Betty Ostendorf
Southington, CT

"I suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome...not able to take anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the pain. We purchased a Sauna in October 1995, and I am using it faithfully. I find it much help and my quality of life is better." Mavoretta McLeod
Burbank, CA

"I'm thrilled with the purchase of my infrared sauna. It has played an intregal part in the success of my weight loss program. I am so pleased, that I highly recommend it to every person who would like to burn calories the easy way." Barb Bakke
Weight management specialist
Richmond, British Columbia

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